How to effectively load your skip bin with rubbish

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Whether you're refurbishing your home or basically looking to dispose of unwanted trash, consider hiring a skip bin. With skip hire, all you have to do is place an order for the size of skip bin you want, fill it up with trash and leave it for the skip bin company to pick up for disposal. In this regard, here are three pointers on how householders can effectively fill up their skip bins in order to maximize on the space available and save money.

Place bulky items at the bottom of the skip bin

Bulky items such as cabinets, shelves, and broken-down appliances should be placed at the base of the skip bin. This affords the skip bin proper balance in addition to a steady centre of gravity. After you are done packing the heavier items, proceed to packing medium and small-sized rubbish into the skip bin. For proper utilization of space, avoid air pockets when filling up your skip. Wherever possible, fill hollow items such as tubs and buckets with other trash meant for your skip. You do not want to leave huge holes since you're not paying cash to ferry air.

Sort your rubbish

If you sort out your rubbish and plan your skip bin loading, you can effectively maximize the existing space in your skip bin. For example, you can donate or sell items like wood frames, bench tops, working appliances, cabinets and light fixtures to charity homes. Some wood items as well as shavings may be decomposed and converted into organic matter for your garden. Simply put, think about what you can donate or recycle when packing your skip bin. Know your recyclables. Things like cardboard, glass, paper and plastic should not be put in your hired skip but instead in your weekly recycle bins. This will allow you more space to fill up your skip with more construction trash, while disposing general waste through the normal council garbage removal services.

Placing your skip bin

Where should you place your skip? The ideal place is on your property. If you leave it on the street, people might assume your skip is the locality free-for-all. By keeping your skip on your property, you minimize the likelihood of your neighbors trying to sneak trash into it. Remember, overloading your skip may attract extra charges from the skip company, so you need to keep an eye on your skip bin.

And there you have it. With the above-mentioned tips, you can effectively pack your skip to maximize on space and money, much to your satisfaction. For more advice, contact a company like McSkips Bin Hire Service.