Waste management tips when planning an outdoor event

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When planning an outdoor event, one thing that you also need consider is the waste management. Littered wastes are some of the most visible negative effects of events. Failure to plan would leave the area severely littered and may even pose serious health risks. That's why you need to take waste management seriously. Here are a few tips you can use when planning your waste management.

Open or restricted event?

Knowing the wastes to be expected will assist you in planning on the kind of bins to have. However, that is going to be a lot more difficult in an open event, because the grounds are not restricted to specific people. You should expect to see all kinds of non-recyclable wastes in your recyclable bins. Confirm with your waste hauler on the acceptable contamination levels to determine whether you'll need to organise a waste sorting service.

For a restricted event, the process becomes a lot easier. Since you can better predict the number of people arriving, it'll be easier to plan your waste management. You can start by avoiding surplus printing or purchases that would eventually turn to wastes.

Hire various skip bins

After knowing the wastes you'll have, hire more than one bin to handle the different types present. For instance, you could have a bin for biodegradables and another for metallic wastes like cans depending on the kind of products used. Once the rubbish bins are full, they can be taken to another station where the wastes are sorted. Have a team of people who sort the waste as it's brought in instead of waiting until the end of the event to begin the sorting.

Setting standards on the products used

Set some rules for the kind of products to be used during the event. For instance, you may impose limitations on certain products such as using nylons or plastic water bottles and choose to use only biodegradable cups and plates.

You can also limit the level of packaging of the products that are going to be used during the event to further reduce the wastes.

Using the wastes generated on site

After the sorting, you could decide on using the wastes to create art pieces such as sculptures. Plastic bottles can easily be recycled to such artistic forms. If the event lasts for days, displaying such sculptors would bring awareness and lead to better waste disposal.

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